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HCW Heavyweight Championship History

Champion                         Won From                     Date              Location

Shark Boy                     Reckless Youth (1)      July 13,2002         Hollywood,FL

Reckless Youth                 Shark Boy               October 12,2002   Hollywood,FL

Title stripped(2)                                                 July 31,2004

Dagon Briggs               Jimmy Rave(3)          July 31,2004              Davie, Florida

1): Shark Boy defeated Youth in the final of 2002's I8T, the become first ever Champion.


2): Reckless Youth was stripped of the Title by Mayberry,after not being able to appear.

3): Briggs defeated Rave in the final of the 2004 I8T, becoming the new HCW Champion.


HCW Hardcore Championship History

Champion                         Won From                        Date                      Location

Nick Mayberry             Ranaldo Roges (1)              July 13,2002             Hollywood,FL

Don Montoya                 Nick Mayberry            October 12,2002         Hollywood,FL

Hack Meyers                  Don Montoya              October 12,2002         Hollywood,FL

"Bad" Ron Brown          Hack Meyers (2)          October 12,2002          Hollywood,FL

Nick Mayberry           "Bad" Ron Brown (3)       January 10,2003           Lauderhill, FL

Jimmy Rave                    Nick Mayberry            January 10,2003           Lauderhill, FL

"Bad" Ron Brown             Jimmy Rave               January 10,2003           Lauderhill, FL

Nick Mayberry            "Bad" Ron Brown           January 10,2003           Lauderhill, FL

David Young                   Nick Mayberry             June 21,2003                 Davie,FL

Scott Chong                     David Young               June 21,2003                 Davie,FL

Nick Mayberry                 Scott Chong                June 21,2003                 Davie,FL

Justin (of TE3)                Nick Mayberry              June 21,2003                Davie,FL

Jonah Adelman                Justin (of TE3)              June 21,2003                Davie,FL

Nick Mayberry               Jonah Adelman              June 21,2003                Davie,FL

Power Company twinz      Nick Maybery             July 31,2004                 Davie,Fl


Nick Mayberry           Power Company Twinz(4)  July 31,2004                Davie,Fl

1): Mayberry defeated Roges in a match to decide who would be crowned the first HCW Hardcore Champion

(2): "Bad" Ron Brown stole the HCW Hardcore Championship Title Belt from Hack Meyers after the event

(3): Technically Champion, "Bad" Ron Brown forfeited the HCW Hardcore Championship back to Mayberry

(4):Nick Mayberry teamed with Jeff  "J-Dawg" Brooks in the first ever HCW Tag team match to pinned the Power Company Twinz to regain the HardKore title.


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