"The Snakemaster" Abudadein

Height & Weight: 5'10" / 185 lbs.

Hometown: The 13th Step of The 13th Pyramid

Biography:"The Snakemaster" Abudadein has been in the pro-wrestling business for over 20 years, & has worked with promotions like Florida Championship Wrestling, Sunshine Wrestling Federation and many, many others. He is the former 'leader' of "The Army Of Darkness".

During his career he has managed many of the top superstars in the business, including: "The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan, 'Gangrel', Luna Vachon, Bob Roop, Mark Lewin, Hack Meyers, "Superstar" Billy Graham, One Man Gang, and many others. He has also been alongside other managerial greats like Sir Oliver Humperdink and Fallen Angel (Woman).

Follow Abudadein through his website: www.SnakeMaster.com.